So this is my page....hope you will like's about Jrock and Visual Kei bands.....If you like it leave a coment in gastebuch...

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D'espairs Ray (it's an old picture but...)

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Alice Nine

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An Cafe

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Birthdate:January 5th
Family:Parents,younger sister,hamster
Hobby:Shopping and walking
Fave food:sushi and chinese noodles
Fave colour:white black and purple

Birthdate:September 16th
Family:Parents and older sister
Fave food:pork rice
Fave colour:black and gold

Birthdate:July 5th
Family:Parents,brother,sister,grandmother and a dog
Hobby:shopping and games
Fave colour:red,blue,white and black

Birthdate:december 8th
Family:Parents and two sisters
Hobby:nature apprecation
Fave food:apple

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Band Members Arisu Nain
Shou - 24 Hiroto - 20 Tora - 25 Saga - 23 Nao - 25

Name : Shou
Part : Vocal
Blood Type : O type
Birthday : 7-05
Height : 177cm
Weight : 130lbs
Foot Size : 26.5cm (size 8 1/2)
Perfume : Bvlgari Black
Favorite Phrase : nemuri Sleepy
Hobbies : Games,Used Clothes Shopping,Coffee
Strong Point : Long
Weak Point : Short
Taste in Women: The type of person I can love.
I can't hand this over! : caramel cappuccino with "a lot of sweet syrup"
My Boom : Soy Milk
Recent enthusiasm : Doing the best I can. Otaku Bonzai!
Favorite Brand : Vivienne Westwood, ZooL, LHP
Favorite Music : BRAHMAN, Hawaiian6, Korn
Previous Bands : lost age, Givuss, kijintan (session band)

Name : Tora
Part : Guitar
Blood Type : O Type
Birthday : 9-17
Height : 182cm
Weight : 154lbs
Foot Size : 27cm (size 9)
Perfume : Tommy Girl
Favorite Phrase : mendokuse annoying
Hobbys : Sleeping
Strong Point : Strong with men
Weak Point : Weak with women
Taste in Women: Bad person.
I can't hand this over! : Being unique.
My Boom : Performance
Recent enthusiasm : Lone Wolf. Doing as I Please. Rock or Die!
Favorite Brand : Gucci
Favorite Music : Limp Bizkit
Previous Bands : karasu, arakune, Givuss

Name : Hiroto [Ogata]
Part : Guitar
Blood Type : O type
Birthday : 5-04
Height : about 166cm
Weight : 108lbs
Foot Size : 25.5 (size 7 1/2)
Perfume : Dose not use one
Favorite Phrase : neverending hot/ wild
Strong Point : Nothing but looking forward. I can turn any circumstance into a plus
Weak Point : Whenever I tell a lie, unfortunately my face gives me away, so I can't lie.
Hobbies : trying food at various restaurants, going to temples
Taste in Women: Person who is holding my hot heart straight.
I can't hand this over! : Being hotter than everyone else
My Boom : Massage
Recent enthusiasm : It goes without saying. If you see you will understand. Yes.
Favorite Brand : Tornado Mart
Favorite Music : Hot Music,Music that makes me happy, Audio Slave, hide-san
Previous Bands : BAQUEPIA

Name : Saga
Part : Bass
Blood Type : AB Type
Birthday : 6-24
Height : about 175c
Weight : 115lbs
Foot Size : 27.5 (size 9)
Perfume : Nina Ricci
Favorite Phrase : S(sadistic) talk
Hobbies : S(sadistic) hobbies
Strong Point : I don't know ~ !
Weak Point : I don't know ~ !
Taste in Women: Kind woman. Woman with a spacious heart.
I can't hand this over! : Having no connection with society's rules.
My Boom : The boom will soon go away.
Recent enthusiasm : Since I tell through sound, you will feel it at a LIVE. We are gazing away at a dream.
Favorite Brand : ZUCCa, GARSON,Ku
Favorite Music : Many
Previous Bands : Visage, Delta Ark

Name: Nao Part : Drums
Blood Type : A Type
Birthday : 7-31
Height : 170cm
Weight : 112lbs
Foot Size : 26cm (size 8)
Favorite Phrase : -
Strong Point : ? ? ?
Weak Point : ? ? ?
Hobbies : DTM
Taste in Women: Woman with beautiful eyes.
I can't hand this over! : If I discuss it, I will yield to it.
My Boom : Pursuing Alice (laugh)
Recent enthusiasm : Nao desu. Drums desu. Please look forward to alice nine from hereafter!!
Favorite Brand : Pearl
Favorite Music : My personal taste in music is JAZZ. Everyone likes that I have soul when doing music.
Previous Bands : Fatima, RusH
Sounds Like Dir en Grey with a twist of Antique Cafe.
Record Label
Type of Label Major

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